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Patient Testimonials

What Our Patients Have to Say

I couldn’t run for a year.

I couldn’t run for a year. Within a week of undergoing treatment for my varicose veins using the VenaSeal therapy, I was able to run three miles with no problem.

I had four procedures (which didn’t hurt)

I remember when I was too embarrassed to wear shorts or dresses or even walk without pain because of my varicose veins. I had four procedures (which didn’t hurt) and was able to go on vacation to Italy one month later. I walked everywhere without pain and could even wear dresses! What a wonderful difference.

His expertise is rare.

Vascular Solutions Team,

I would like to say thank you again for your professionalism and service during and prior to my VenaSeal procedure. I was somewhat skeptical and nervous about the process, yet your staff from the front desk(Crystal/Stephanie) personnel, financial manager (Marcia), to the technical and medical staff provided excellent service and professionalism the entire time.

I appreciate Dr. Ford’s demeanor and his willingness to go over my questions several times. His expertise is rare. It was obvious you are passionate about the service you provide! Thank you nurse Mandy for sharing your experience and always having a smile on your face. Your story testimony definitely gave me more confidence. Brian, you sir are an artist. That picture you put together of my leg was incredible. While I am still in healing mode, I am hoping for the best.

Thank you again.

Rodney J.

They have changed my life!

Before coming to see Dr. Ford, I had tingling and pain in my leg. My friend recommends Dr. Ford, and now I feel better. People here are very friendly, they have someone who speaks my language (Spanish). I recommend this office because they make me feel at home. They have changed my life and health. Thank you.

Catalina M.

Vascular Solutions has been life changing for me.

Being a patient at Vascular Solutions has been life changing for me. Before I went to see Dr. Ford, my legs were so swollen and in constant pain. On top of that, wearing shorts was embarrassing because of unsightly bulging veins and large purple spots on my legs. My job was being affected, and it was getting more difficult to stand and cook and care for my family. After my first visit to Vascular Solutions, I knew I found the solution to end my suffering. Dr. Ford is so knowledgeable and informative, as well as patient, friendly and kind. The staff could not have been more helpful or more personable. I felt right at home and so comfortable with my care in their hands. After my procedure, I felt such a big difference. My legs felt lighter and walking or standing was easier. I am no longer in pain and the swelling has stopped. I can do so much more now that I would not have felt like doing before. It gets even better, because the ugly bulging veins and purple spots are gone as well and I will wear shorts again! I can’t thank Dr. Ford and his staff enough for the wonderful care they provided me. I will definitely continue coming to Vascular Solutions and have already recommended their great care to others. Now that I look and feel so great, I will be sending a post card from the beach! Thank you again for all you do! I feel like I can go back to nursing school now and when I graduate I can only hope to find such wonderful people to work with and make such a difference in someone else’s life as you have made in mine!

Elizabeth M.

Terry K.

The staff are so nice and caring. Dr Ford is a nice caring doctor who really puts his patients first.

Terry K.

He is a very caring doctor

Dr. Ford has done more for my legs, where other Doctor have failed. He is a very caring doctor, and all the staff treat you like they have known you forever and like you are family.

Martha K.

I’ve been very satisfied.

When I came in my leg had all kinds of problems. Since seeing Dr. Ford I’ve been very satisfied. The healing process and results are great. His mannerisms and attentiveness made me feel very comfortable. I would highly recommend Dr. Ford.

Joyce T.