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New Patient Evaluation

Our new patient consultations involve the following:

  • Review of symptoms.
  • Review of medical history.
  • Examination of your leg(s).
  • Comprehensive ultrasound evaluation of your leg(s).
  • Review of treatment options.

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Cosmetic Consultation

If you’re not suffering from discomfort but would like to improve your legs’ aesthetic appearance, you may choose from the following:

Free Cosmetic Consultation:

  • Examination of area of concern
  • Brief overview of aesthetic options
  • Typically takes 15 minutes.

Cosmetic Consultation with same day treatment:

  • Free Cosmetic Consultation
  • Performance of sclerotherapy or laser light therapy.

Request a Free Cosmetic Consultation

Free Vein Screening Consultation

If you are unsure what you need and want to speak to an expert about your leg pain, we have monthly vein screening events perfect for patients that fall into this category.

  • Brief review of symptoms and examination of legs.
  • Determine if you are best suited for a new patient evaluation or cosmetic services.
  • Typically takes 10 to 15 minutes.

Request a Free Vein Screening Consult

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