Laser leg vein removal is a fast and easy way to beautify your legs.

Feel confident and diminish the appearance of leg veins without lengthy downtime.

You no longer need to cover your legs – show them off with laser leg vein removal.

How Does Icon Laser™ Leg Vein Removal Work?

Laser energy passes through the skin and into the vein. The energy is absorbed by the blood, destroying the vessel. The vessel will disappear restoring the skin’s natural appearance.

diagram demonstrating how laser vein removal works

Why Choose Icon™ for Laser Leg Vein Removal?

  • Excellent outcomes for spider and reticular veins
  • Non-invasive treatment that can improve the appearance of your legs
  • Quick treatment sessions
  • Minimal side effects and no downtime

FAQs for Icon™ Laser Leg Vein Removal

What types of veins are able to be treated?

  • This procedure is most suitable for spider veins and reticular veins.

When can I expect to see visible results?

  • You can expect to see improvement in appearance promptly following each treatment.

How long will each treatment take?

  • Each treatment will take less than 30 minutes.

How many treatments will be required?

  •  To fully clear your blood vessels and diminish the evidence of your leg veins completely, a few treatment sessions could be needed.

Will the procedure hurt?

  •  Most patients describe a range of sensations from tingly to the snap of a rubber band during the procedure.

When can resume my daily activities?

  •  Usually, there is little to no downtime and you may resume your daily activities immediately after each procedure.

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