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Cosmetic Consultation FAQs


Cosmetic Consultation visit FAQS:


What is a Cosmetic Consultation?

A Cosmetic Consultation is a brief (15 min) visit that allows our medical providers to examine your legs and make a recommendation about the best cosmetic option.

Quite commonly, our medical providers end up recommending cosmetic sclerotherapy or cosmetic laser, but occasionally we identify people who may be better served with alternate procedures (eg. phlebectomy), and sometimes we identify people who may benefit from more extensive diagnostic work-up.

A Cosmetic Consultation is a quick easy way to assess your options and determine if the cosmetic treatment is a good fit for you.


If sclerotherapy or laser is recommended, can I get the treatment the same day?

If your appointment is set up as a Cosmetic Consultation, we allocate 15 minutes of provider time. As such, we typically recommend scheduling any desired cosmetic procedure on a subsequent date / time. 

Many patients prefer the option of undergoing their first cosmetic procedure at the same time as their Cosmetic Consultation. If this applies to you, we recommend you request a “Cosmetic Consultation with Same Day Treatment”. Cosmetic Consultation with Same Day Treatment visits are longer but conveniently allows the cosmetic treatment to be performed at the same time as your initial cosmetic consultation.


Do I get an ultrasound test as part of a Cosmetic Consultation?

No, our Cosmetic Consultations do not involve ultrasound or any form of diagnostic imaging.


What should I expect at the time of my Cosmetic Consultation?

The basic structure of a Cosmetic Consultation is as follows:

1. You sign a one-page HIPAA form / general consent form

2. You will be escorted to a private consultation room

3. You will be offered the option of changing into loose-fitting examination shorts (optional)

4. The Vascular Solutions Medical Provider examines your legs

5. The Vascular Solutions Medical Provider reviews your options and answers any questions you may have


What do I need to do prior to my Cosmetic Consultation?

Not much. We recommend that you show up 5 minutes prior to your appointment to sign the HIPAA form/General consent form. We also recommend that you not apply any artificial tanning products that may obscure the provider's view of smaller leg veins.


How long will the Cosmetic Consultation take?

Our Cosmetic Consultation visits are deliberately brief and take less than 15 minutes.


How do I set up a Cosmetic Consultation?

You can request a cosmetic consultation in one of several ways:

1. Call our front desk / scheduling team: 704-544-7535

2. Email an appointment request:

3. Click on this link: Request an appointment, which will take you to our online appointment scheduling portal.


Is there a fee for Cosmetic Consultations?

There is a $50 fee for Cosmetic Consultation visits.


A Cosmetic Consultation sounds great, but don’t I need an ultrasound?

This is a common question. Current guidelines recommend that ultrasound only be used if you have leg symptoms (eg. pain, aching, leg heaviness, early leg fatigue, leg restlessness or cramping) or if you have visible evidence of advanced vein problems (progressive skin discoloration, skin thickening above the ankle, skin wounds above the ankle).

If you have small leg veins (eg. spider veins) that are bothering you cosmetically, and you don’t have any leg symptoms, then it’s entirely reasonable to skip the ultrasound. This saves you time and money and avoids performing a test that is not going to change management. In this situation, a cosmetic consultation is a great option.


My concerns are mainly cosmetic, but I’m also having leg symptoms. Is this a good visit type for me?

If you’re having anything more than very mild or very infrequent leg symptoms, then you’re probably going to be better served (and more satisfied) with a comprehensive New Patient evaluation. This will allow us to fully evaluate the underlying vein anatomy and present you with the full range of treatment options.

As Charlotte’s premier center for vein treatment, our team at Vascular Solutions is dedicated to getting you the best results.

We look forward to seeing you soon.


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