In-Office Vein Screening visit FAQs


In-office Vein Screening visit FAQS:


What is an in-office Vein Screening visit?

An in-office Vein Screening visit is a very brief office visit (<15mins) that allows us to screen people who may have vein problems and identify people who may benefit from additional workup or treatment.

The basic structure of a Vein Screening visit is as follows:

1. Check-in - Minimal paperwork – 2 forms
2. Rooming - Change into loose exam shorts
3. Limited ultrasound demonstration (not a complete study) - Limited scan of Great Saphenous Vein in one location (both legs)
4. Brief/preliminary leg examination
5. Medical Provider briefly reviews next steps.

The medical providers at Vascular Solutions evaluate your symptoms and briefly examine your legs. Based upon your presentation, our providers will:

  1. Determine if you potentially have a vein problem that may merit further workup (i.e., new patient evaluation)
  2. If your findings suggest a cosmetic issue, review cosmetic options.


What do I need to do before my appointment?

We have two brief forms that need to be filled out before the vein screening visit. We recommend arriving 10 minutes before your appointment to allow enough time to complete the forms.


What can I expect when I arrive?

Once you arrive, you’ll be greeted by our friendly team members. They’ll walk you through the check-in process.


What happens after I go back into the consultation room?

After you get escorted to a consultation room, we’ll ask you to change into examination shorts so we can fully evaluate your legs. One of our experienced sonographers will perform a very limited ultrasound evaluation of your leg veins. This is not a complete diagnostic test but provides insight as to whether there is ultrasound evidence of venous reflux, a common vein problem that can affect the leg veins. This ultrasound demonstration typically takes about 5 minutes.

During your vein-screening visit, one of our providers (Kristin Hartman PA, Jessica Pritchard NP, or Peter Ford MD) will briefly examine your legs and provide guidance about next steps.


How long will the visit take?

Our vein screening visits are deliberately brief (and take less than 15 minutes).


Will there be any pain or uncomfortable procedures during my New Patient evaluation?

No, there is no pain or discomfort during a vein screening evaluation.


How do I set up a Vein Screening Visit?

You can request a Vein Screening visit in one of several ways:
1. Call our front desk/scheduling team: 704-544-7535
2. Email us an appointment request:
3. Click on this link: Request an appointment, which will take you to our online appointment scheduling portal.


Are vein screening visits really free?

Yes, as a brief visit that takes little time (<15mins), we are happy to offer vein screening visits as a free service. Please be aware that no definitive diagnosis or treatment plan can be rendered as a result of the free vein screening visit.


So, if I’m not going to get a complete ultrasound scan, or a definitive diagnosis/treatment plan, is a Vein Screening visit really “worth it”?

It depends. If you’re having leg symptoms, then you’re probably going to be better served (and more satisfied) with a comprehensive New Patient evaluation.

On the other end of the spectrum, if you do not have any symptoms and have cosmetic concerns, you’ll probably benefit from a “cosmetic consultation.”

If you’re genuinely on the fence about whether you have meaningful symptoms, want to visit our practice, or want to meet our providers, then a Vein Screening visit is a quick, no-risk way of exploring your options.

As Charlotte’s premier vein treatment center, our Vascular Solutions team is dedicated to getting you the best results.

We look forward to seeing you soon.


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