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Deep Vein Thrombosis

Deep vein thrombosis “DVT” refers to a condition that occurs when blood clot  develops in the “deep veins” of the body.


Although there are deep veins in both the legs and the arms blood clots more commonly occur in the legs.

Risk factors for deep vein thrombosis include prolonged immobility (such as long car rides or plane travel), traumatic injury (example; surgical intervention), and a variety of hematologic conditions that result in a propensity towards clot formation.    Some of the hematologic conditions that increase the risk of blood clot are genetic in nature and can be evaluated for with genetic testing.

When blood clot forms within a deep vein the vein can become partially or completely clogged. Click to learn more
Diagnostic Workup
The most common diagnostic test used to confirm or exclude the presence of blood clot(s) is ultrasound testing. Click to learn more
There are several devices that can be used augment this clot-busting process. Click to learn more