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OK, so you've been putting it off. But now it's time to explore things. If you're like many Americans you might have some veins on your legs that have been there for a while. What to do, what to do?

For many people with varicose veins, it can be difficult to know whether to get your veins checked out. This is especially the case if your symptoms are mild or intermittent.

Many people with vein problems report their legs only bother them in certain situations. Commonly, people with vein problems feel symptoms only after they have been standing for a while. Symptoms also tend to be worse towards the end of the day.

Interestingly, some people report the opposite, getting symptoms only when they sit for long periods. This commonly occurs when they are on a long car ride or plane trip.

Varicose veins are a common condition. It's estimated that millions of people in the United States are affected. Quite often varicose veins are a nuisance problem. Sometimes varicose veins can be associated with annoying symptoms, such as aching legs and leg fatigue. Other potential symptoms include leg swelling, cramps, and restlessness.

Quite often people with varicose veins will have an underlying vein problem known as venous reflux. Venous reflux occurs when the valves in the leg veins have stopped working properly.

Across the USA many doctors claim to be vein experts. But what is a vein expert? And what sets super-star vein specialists apart from the rest?

Who is the best vein doctor in North Carolina?

From my perspective the following factors need to be considered:

1. Training / Qualifications:

Vascular surgeons are trained to treat vein problems. They have dedicated their careers to becoming specialists in the treatment of blood vessels.

After years of training vascular surgeons become qualified to treat varicose veins and vein problems.

Some people incorrectly believe that vascular surgeons have a bias towards fixing vein problems with surgery. This is not the case.

In reality, vascular surgeons are pioneers and leaders of minimally invasive treatments. The majority of vein treatments are quick, in-and-out, non-surgical procedures. These procedures are routinely and safely performed in a medical office.

2. Experience:

It seems obvious, but beyond basic training, you should look for a vein specialist that has extensive experience.

At Vascular Solutions, Dr. Peter Ford has over 13 years of experience. Dr. Ford has personally treated thousands of patients with varicose veins and vein problems.

3. Skills:

When researching vein specialists it’s important to confirm the practice you select has a wide range of treatment options at their disposal.

In the field of vein-care, there are often several options for treating vein problems.

Verify the breadth of procedures that your vein doctor offers, and don’t be afraid to ask about the pros & cons of each option.

3. Proven outcomes:

Seek a practice that has a high success rate and a low complication rate.

4. Reputation:

You should seek a vein specialist that has a good reputation. In general, it’s best not to rely on a single source. Some options for online reputation reviews including Google and Healthgrades.

Also, seeking a recommendation about vein specialists from your primary medical doctor is a good idea.

5. Integrity / Professionalism:

Vein care is a field where there are sometimes "shades of grey" in terms of the medical necessity of various procedures.

Ultimately, patients rely on the recommendations provided by the doctor and trust those recommendations. Within this context the integrity and professionalism of the vein specialist are critical.

Vascular Solutions has a solid reputation for excellence and professionalism.

6. Communication Skills: 

This is probably the easiest thing to assess because you are the judge.

Did your vein specialist meet with you, talk to you, and explain things? Did you get a good vibe?

If your consultation was rushed, or your questions didn't get answered, you may have the wrong vein practice.

Make sure you're comfortable and fully informed about your options.


Vascular Solutions is a specialty vein clinic located in Charlotte, NC. Our practice is staffed by the best vein specialists in the region.

Led by Peter Ford MD, Vascular Solutions continues to be the industry leader in the field of vein care.

The providers at Vascular Solutions in the top 1% of their field. They have also been nominated for various awards, including being designated Charlotte's Vein-Center-of-Excellence by Medtronic, and voted Top-Doc in 2018 & 2019.

Vascular Solutions promotes awareness of vein problems and improves access to vein care by teaching doctors about vein procedures. As they say "trust a doctor that trains other doctors". 

Vascular Solutions prides itself on being the best vein clinic in Charlotte.

If you have varicose veins, spider veins, unexplained leg fatigue, leg cramps, or leg restlessness we can help. Contact us today to set up your new patient appointment.





Peter Ford MD FACS RPVI Peter Ford, MD, FACS, RPVI, is a board certified vascular surgeon who works at Vascular Solutions in Charlotte, North Carolina. Dr. Ford specializes in the management of varicose veins and venous disease.

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