Blog Article - Benefits of Vein Treatment

Benefits of Vein Treatment

In the past vein procedures were primarily based on “vein stripping”, a surgical procedure that involved tying off and removing of the problematic leg vein. These procedures involved a trip to an operating room, which was typically time-consuming, inconvenient and often expensive. Over the past 20 years or so dramatic advancements in technology have completely transformed what it means to get your veins fixed. No longer do you need to go to a hospital or be laid-up for several days after the procedure. In fact, most people are able to immediately return to work and full activity.

Today's technology allows you to recover quickly, and the procedures are nearly painless. Also, todays procedures have a high success rate at keeping varicose veins away for good. Procedures like VenaSeal, Closurefast, and Varithena allow doctors to treat the underlying problem that causes varicose veins with speed, and success rates never seen in prior times.

The significant improvement in treatment options offers you the perfect opportunity to do something about your varicose veins today. Without significant discomfort or downtime, todays vein procedures allow you to get back on your feet in no time!

Less Pain

Many people suffer aching, heavy-feeling legs due to their varicose veins. If you have them treated, this pain can be reduced, if not outright eliminated. An ultrasound of your legs will be required to map out the vein anatomy. This allows your doctor to get rid of the veins directly at the source and not just the visible veins, thus addressing possible underlying issues.

More Movement

Quite often, people with aching legs and leg swelling will reduce their activity and exercise levels. Sometimes this can create a viscous circle, where activity can result in weight gain, which can exacerbate leg pain and swelling. Getting your leg veins fixed is an easy way to break this cycle. After leg vein procedures the majority of people report their legs have more energy and feel less tired, which makes it easy to get back into exercising and working out. How great would it be to get your previous, active life back?

Improved Appearance

If you have ugly visible veins on your legs, one advantage of getting your veins fixed is your legs will likely look significantly better after vein procedures. If you have veins that bulge through the skin surface these can be eliminated. If you have smaller red, purple or blue veins these can also be treated. After you get your veins fixed you’ll be able to wear whatever you want without getting sideways glances from curious onlookers.

Better Sleep

Vein problems can cause nighttime leg symptoms that interfere with getting restful sleep. In fact, nighttime leg restlessness and leg cramps are commonly experienced by people who have varicose veins and underlying vein problems. Quite often people with this condition have dealing with “restless legs” for years, without realizing that there may be an underlying vein problem. The sooner you get your veins treated, the sooner you could be sleeping soundly through the night.

Covered by Insurance

These days varicose vein treatment is covered by most insurance companies. If you suffer from leg fatigue, leg cramps, or leg swelling then give us a call. It’s likely that your health insurance will cover the cost of getting your legs evaluated and cover the cost of any procedures.

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Peter Ford MD FACS RPVI Peter Ford, MD, FACS, RPVI, is a board certified vascular surgeon who works at Vascular Solutions in Charlotte, North Carolina. Dr. Ford specializes in the management of varicose veins and venous disease.

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