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Met Your Deductible? - Get Your Veins Fixed Now

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Met your deductible? Get your Veins Fixed Now

Fall is upon us. Reduced humidity, turning leaves, and the knowledge that end-of-year festivities such as Thanksgiving, Halloween, & Christmas are just around the corner. Many of us love fall!

The beginning of fall also marks a time where you might want to consider options to get the most bang-for-our-buck from your health insurance. If you’ve met your deductible it may be a great time to get those pesky leg veins treated.

Varicose veins are a common problem, that affects 20-25% of the adult population. Many people with vein problems will experience heavy, aching legs, or other symptoms such as leg cramps or leg restlessness. There are multiple quick, painless vein procedures, covered by insurance, that can eliminate symptoms, and make your legs look better.

Understand Your Plan:

Many health insurance plans have co-pays, deductibles, or co-insurance. These patient-responsible payments are methods insurance companies use to save money. The best plans have no copays, low (or no) deductible, and low (or no) coinsurance.

A co-pay is a “small” amount of money due at the time of a medical visit, regardless of charges for medical services during that visit. You can consider this like a door-entry fee.

A deductible is an amount your insurance company will make you pay before coverage kicks in.  The good news is that once you have met your deductible your subsequent expenses will be a lot less, and sometimes free.

Another insurance “gotcha” is co-insurance. Co-insurance is a percentage of total charges (eg. 20%) that you’ll be on the hook for until an upper ceiling (out-of-pocket max) has been reached.

Nearly all insurance companies have websites or online portals that provide detailed information about your health insurance benefits. You should be able to log-in and see information about your plan, including whether your plan has co-pays, deductibles, or co-insurance.

What is an “EOB”?

An EOB is an acronym that stands for "Explanation Of Benefits". This is a document/statement that clarifies charges, allowed amounts, copayments, deductibles, and coinsurance for medical services. This document is typically provided to you by the insurance company after an insurance claim is received/processed.

Above: Example EOB (Explanation of Benefits)

Advantages of Vein Treatment in Fall (& Winter)

Fall and winter are a great time of year to get your veins fixed. Some vein procedures require a compression hose for a few days after the procedure, and this tends to be more comfortable in the cool seasons.

Another advantage of getting your veins fixed in the fall/winter is you can keep your legs covered during the recovery period. It is fairly common to temporarily have minor bruising and inflammation for the first few weeks after vein procedures. Many people like to keep their legs covered by wearing long pants for the first few weeks after vein procedures. Wearing long pants is more comfortable in fall/winter.

Dramatic advancements in medical technology have completely transformed what it means to get your veins fixed. No longer do you need to go to a hospital or be laid-up for several days after the procedure. Most people immediately return to work and full activity. Without significant discomfort or downtime, you will be back on your feet in no time!

Deductible met? – Time is ticking

If you have a health insurance plan with a deductible and have already incurred medical expenses this year, the good news is that at least part of your deductible may have already been met. Once you’ve “met your deductible” additional medical expenses will cost you significantly less.

A smart thing to do is check the date that your insurance deductible resets. For most plans, the deductible “resets” annually on January 1. It’s important to verify your policy information, as some health plans reset on other dates.

Maximize your benefits and take advantage of your coverage this year. Your legs and your wallet will thank you.

Dr. Peter Ford is a board-certified vascular surgeon and the leading vein specialist in Charlotte. Vascular Solutions is a specialty vein clinic located at the Arboretum, in south Charlotte.




Peter Ford MD FACS RPVI Peter Ford, MD, FACS, RPVI, is a board certified vascular surgeon who works at Vascular Solutions in Charlotte, North Carolina. Dr. Ford specializes in the management of varicose veins and venous disease.

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