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Physician Assistant Spotlight: Kristin Hartman PA

Physician Assistant Spotlight:

Kristin Hartman PA-C

Your health is important. It’s important to be comfortable that you’re in good hands. Increasingly hospitals, medical clinics and healthcare facilities are turning to physician assistants to streamline and coordinate health care delivery.

In today’s medical spotlight we explore the role of physician assistants and explore how a thriving local vein practice is using physician assistants to deliver detail-oriented, quality care the community is searching for. Kristin Hartman, PA-C is a Physician Assistant at Vascular Solutions Vein & Vascular Center, located at the Arboretum Professional Park in South Charlotte. 


What is a physician assistant?

A physician assistant is a mid-level health care practitioner who works alongside a physician delivering care to patients.


Why did you become a physician assistant?

I’ve always wanted to work in the medical field, helping patients in some capacity. The physician assistant training program was less than a physician. Once you have your educational foundation, there is on-the-job training which enables you to work in different specialties. This profession offers a perfect work-life balance, as well.


What type of education or training did you need to do to become a physician assistant?

I completed a 4-year undergraduate degree and then I went to Duke University’s PA program. It is a 2-year, full time program. The first year is didactic; and the second year consists of clinical rotations in different specialties.


What does your current job entail?

I assist Dr. Ford with day-to-day patient care including obtaining the medical history, examining patients, and I also perform procedures such as sclerotherapy and laser vein treatment. I also prescribe medications and help prepare patients for surgical procedures. 

What are the most rewarding aspects of your job?

I enjoy helping patients feel better. It’s rewarding to diagnose and provide individual treatment options for each patient. We have a great team at Vascular Solutions. It helps when the boss is flexible and values you!


What are the most challenging aspects of your job?

At times the schedule can be very busy and there’s not always a lot of time between patients.


How would you describe the dynamic between physicians and physician assistants?

We work as a team and support each other.


Would you encourage high school or college students to consider being a physician assistant as a career?

Absolutely! Physician assistants are an integral part of the team.


Does being a physician assistant offer a good work-life balance?

As a mom of three active boys, it’s very important for me to be there for my kids. My kids participate in several of sporting events and the flexibility of my work hours has allowed me to attend sporting events and be an engaged member of the community.



Peter Ford MD FACS RPVI Peter Ford, MD, FACS, RPVI, is a board certified vascular surgeon who works at Vascular Solutions in Charlotte, North Carolina. Dr. Ford specializes in the management of varicose veins and venous disease.

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