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Why Am I Always Propping My Legs Up?

Why am I always propping my legs up?

Many people with aching, throbbing, heavy legs have no idea that they may be suffering from a common problem with their leg veins. When the veins in your legs aren’t working properly your legs can feel weak and tired, and it may feel like you don’t have the energy you used to. Many people with leg vein problems find that they are often looking for a place to sit and may even find themselves propping their legs up to reduce leg discomfort.

The most common condition affecting leg veins is venous reflux. In this condition, the valves inside the leg veins have stopped working properly, which results in increased backpressure. Although this condition is generally mild and not life-threatening there are degrees of severity, and some people can progress to develop more advanced problems including irritated or discolored skin, or wounds around the ankles.

Millions of people in the United States are affected by venous reflux, and the majority of people don’t even know they have the condition! Venous reflux can affect everyone from young adults to the elderly and can affect both men and women. People with a family history of vein problems are particularly vulnerable. Other risk factors include being overweight, jobs, or careers that involve prolonged sitting (with the legs hanging down) and prolonged standing. Women who have been pregnant are also at higher risk.

The overwhelming majority of people with leg vein problems have great treatment options. If your leg veins aren’t working properly there are now multiple procedures that can fix this problem.

Common Symptoms of Vein Problems:

Preferred Diagnostic Test:

Common Vein Procedures:

If you have tired, heavy legs, or if your legs are cramping or restless it’s a good idea to get your veins checked out. The main test used to determine whether you have vein problems is an ultrasound of your legs. This test takes about 20-25 minutes per leg and allows the structure and function of your leg veins to be evaluated. Testing and treatment for vein problems are covered by most insurance companies. If you’ve met your deductible now may be the perfect opportunity to take the first step towards better legs.

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